(Yoga teacher / Massage Therapist)

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As yoga teacher:
”Yoga. It is moksha,a liberation” Yuko Harmegnies, Masterlife.yoga
Yoga empowers so many aspects of ones body and mind. The results speak for themselves. It feels good inside and outside. Seeing how Yoga evolves and transcend easily every aspects of life is playful. Here, everyone is his own master, in constant change.
I learned Yoga Hatha and Ashtanga since 2005 in India and now I enjoy it in Europe. I practised as well the 5 Tibetans, Vipassana meditation, and nowadays I am studying the breath in movements doing a Masterlife.yoga training. Step by step I am also incorporating elements of the non-dual Sivaism Yoga from Kashmir (internal and external practice, axis spine-hip).
I am eager to practice together at the Urban vitality center for a group session of Hatha yoga or Yoga and massage or Functional Yoga: a circuit loop of functional training with a strong Hatha Yoga inspiration or for 1 to 1 Yoga practice.

As a massage therapist:
I am a well experienced massage therapist, physiotherapist ,Hatha yoga instructor and a nature lover. At the Urban vitality center, I will do sport massages and yoga class.
I went to India in accordance to a dream. I realized I would be massage therapist and I experienced Yoga. I studied several massage therapies, eastern philosophies, Yoga , Chinese TCM in India, France and in The Netherlands and worked as massage therapist.
If life is a quest, 5 words are important to me : Love, tolerance, respect, compassion. (I do know the 5th) and my work follows 2 criteria: not harming anyone/anything and it should produce minimum of waste.
About massage: Physical and non-perceptible: such a concrete body matter with an abstract dimension of perception.. Massage is my world and my first field of expertise. Nowadays, I mostly practice deep tissue massage, acupressure and mobilization, using warm oils and aromas.
I gladly learned the massage as a traditional healing technique with different sciences: physiotherapeutic mobilization and pain relief, ayurvedic panchakarma cure, Chinese tuina and reflexology (all meridians, foot and ear), Thai, Tibetan massage, pre and post-natal, baby massage, acupressure, sport, cranio-sacral, essential oils, deep tissue, fascias, reiki, colours and salt healing.

As physiotherapist, I am not registered yet in The Netherlands. I emphasize my practice on moving freely, analysis of movement to lead to a better understanding of motor and postural control like the functional training approach.
In relation to your needs, if you want an analysis of movement and advises in relation, I suggest a 1 to 1 Yoga appointment.